What are the Landscape Irrigation Requirements in Oklahoma City?

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Landscape irrigation requirements

  1. The property owner shall be responsible for the irrigation of all required landscape areas and plant materials, with exception of natural areas and xeriscape plantings, utilizing one or a combination of the following methods:
    1. An automatic or manual underground irrigation system (conventional spray, bubbler, etc.), equipped with a rain and freeze sensors.
    2. An automatic water-saving irrigation system (drip, porous pipe, leaky pipes, etc.) equipped with a rain and freeze sensors.
    3. A hose attachment within 100 feet of all required landscape areas and plant materials.
  2. The irrigation method used shall be in place and operational at the time of the landscape inspection for Certificate of Occupancy, and shall be maintained and kept operational at all times to provide for efficient water distribution.
  3. Landscape areas utilizing xeriscape plants and installation techniques may use a temporary and aboveground system, and shall be required to provide irrigation for the first three years only.
  4. Landscape plans shall indicate, by a detail, drawing or by specification in a note on the site plan, the type and location of irrigation that will be used. Plans should be specific enough to show that adequate irrigation would be provided to all required landscape areas and plant materials.
  5. No irrigation shall be required for undisturbed natural areas or undisturbed existing trees.
  6. The Director may allow alternate irrigation systems provided the property owner can show that compliance is not feasible. Alternate irrigation systems may include the use of “gator bags” or water trucks, provided maintenance agreements are in place to assure proper use of the proposed system(s).

Existing tree credits

In order to encourage the preservation of Oklahoma City’s older trees, credits toward required points may be given in the event existing trees are preserved. Eligible trees include any Significant Tree within the developed area that is determined to be preserved through protection from possible impacts of construction.

  1. Landscape points shall be applied for each existing Significant Tree of the following sizes:
    6 inch caliper 22
    7 inch caliper 24
    8 inch to 10 inch caliper 26
    10.1 inch caliper to 15 inch DBH 30
    15.1 inch to 20 inch DBH 35
    20.1 inch to 25 inch DBH 40
    Over 25 DBH 50
  2. Trees for which an owner/developer wishes to receive credit must be in the developed area, however, no more than 25 percent of the total points may be located within the public rights-of-way.
  3. Any Significant Tree claimed for points that dies during construction, or as a result of construction, shall be replaced with a tree (or trees) to equal or exceed the point of value of the lost tree.

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