What are the Regulations on Landscape Plans in Oklahoma City?

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Landscape plans

At the time of submission for a Building Permit, and for all PUDs, SPUDs, and Conditional Use Permits, a landscape plan, separate and apart from other required plans, shall be submitted and made a part of the file. No landscape plans are required for individual single-family or two-family residential lots.

  1. Preparation of Plans. Landscape plans may be prepared by any of the following:
    1. A Planting Plan may be submitted by any person, provided the plan is limited to plant specification and placement only. (See definition of Landscape Designer, Article II, Definitions)
    2. A Landscape Architect registered in the State of Oklahoma.
    3. A licensed Architect or professional Engineer licensed in the State of Oklahoma, provided the services are incidental to the performance of his or her normal practice as an architect or engineer.
  2. Landscape Plan Content. All landscape plans shall include the following information:
    1. North arrow and scale.
    2. The location of existing property lines and dimensions of the tract, accurately drawn to scale.
    3. Exact locations and outline of all rights-of-way, both existing and proposed by the Functional Classification Plan of Streets of The City of Oklahoma City.
  3. The location of all existing and proposed buildings, and parking areas, including the exact number of parking spaces provided.
  4. The location and size of any permanent fixture or structure including, but not limited to, sidewalks, walls, fences, trash enclosures, project storage, lighting fixtures, signs and benches, which are relevant to the landscape plan.
  5. The location, size and type of all above-ground and underground public utilities with notation, where appropriate, as to any safety hazards to avoid during installation of landscaping. Alternatively, a letter of no objection provided by the utility company may be provided.
  6. The location, size, type, spacing (on center), and quantity of all proposed plant materials and existing plant materials credited for points shall be graphically represented and referenced on the plan by a common name and/or scientific name, or an appropriate key of all plant species.
  7. Indicate the method of irrigation on plans and define the area of coverage. If an automatic irrigation system is not proposed, the location of all required hose connections and other watering sources shall be noted.
  8. All screening required by these regulations.
  9. A table listing the square footage of the developed area, number of proposed parking spaces, and all plant materials by scientific and common name, size, type, quantity, and point value and totals.
  10. Consideration should be given to the location of trees, so that when they reach mature height they do not interfere with utility wires. In addition, as required in other sections of the City Code, property owners shall keep vegetation trimmed so that it does not obstruct the free, convenient and safe travel over and along streets.
  11. A Certificate of Occupancy, for any use, shall not be issued until the required landscaping has been installed in accordance with the Landscape Plan, and it shall be illegal for any person, firm or corporation to occupy or operate a business in any new structure or building addition for which landscaping, as shown by the plans, is not provided, except that if a structure and all site improvements are complete except for the required landscaping, and it is not the Planting Season, temporary occupancy may be permitted for a period of six months, or until the next Planting Season, whichever comes first. If the required landscaping has not been completed by the required time, the property owner shall be in violation of this chapter and subject to the penalties set forth herein.

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