What are the Requirements and Application Process for Becoming Licensed As A Tree Serviceperson in Oklahoma City?

Tree service professionals need to be licensed by the local government in Oklahoma City. This is to ensure that tree servicemen are qualified and are up to standards as far as tree care is concerned.

Below you will find information on the requirements and application process for being a professional tree serviceperson in Oklahoma City. Here at Premiere Tree Services of Oklahoma City, customer service information is taken very seriously. We don’t just do tree removal, shrub removal, or stump grinding, we also do research and we share the knowledge to our customers.

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  1. No person shall solicit or engage in the business of servicing trees within the City, unless he has first procured a license from the Supervisor of Licenses.
  2. If a crew of workmen is servicing trees, only the foreman need be licensed.


No license shall be issued to a person to service trees until he has filed with the Supervisor of Licenses a written application which shall state the name, present and past residence addresses, and his occupation or employment for the prior year. The application shall give the exact location from which the business is to be conducted.


No license shall be granted to a nonresident of the City pursuant to the provisions of this division until the applicant has filed a bond in the amount of $500.00, together with the required application. The bond shall be conditioned that the applicant shall faithfully discharge his duties and conform to and obey all provisions of this chapter relating to the work of servicing trees and the license shall not be granted by the Supervisor of Licenses until the bond has been approved by the office of the Municipal Counselor.


A person applying for a license as a tree serviceman must satisfactorily pass an examination, with a minimum grade of 70 percent, to be given under the direction of the Director of Parks and Recreation. Such examination shall be based upon the standards in the Code of Forestry.


A person making application for a license as a tree serviceman shall pay to the City Treasurer the fee established in Chapter 60, the General Schedule of Fees.

Expiration and renewal

A license issued pursuant to the provisions of this division shall expire as provided in Section 26-11, unless sooner suspended or revoked. Such a license shall be renewable without examination.


No person shall transfer to any other person or knowingly allow any other person to use his tree serviceman’s license.

Identification card

The Supervisor of Licenses shall issue to each approved applicant an identification card showing his tree serviceman’s license number.

Suspension or revocation

  1. The Director of Parks and Recreation is hereby granted the authority to suspend the license of any tree serviceman who does not comply with the Code of Forestry.
  2. Repeated noncompliance with such standards by a tree serviceman shall be grounds for revocation of a license by the Director.

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