What are the Regulations and Standards for Filling Tree Cavities and Properly Dealing with Insect and Disease Control in Oklahoma City?

Treating trees involve chemicals that could be harmful to ones health so guidelines are set in order to ensure public safety and eliminate health threats that could be brought about by these chemicals.

Below you will find information on the Oklahoma City regulations and standards for filling tree cavities and dealing with insect and disease control. Here at Premiere Tree Services of Oklahoma City, OK, customer service and education are taken very seriously. We don’t just do tree removal, shrub removal, or stump grinding. We also do research and we share the knowledge to our customers. We think that’s what a good tree care company should be all about!

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Standards for filling tree cavities

  1. All tree cavities shall be well drained so they will not catch water, will be open to air and avoid rotting and will not need filling. All cavities which need to be filled shall be filled with concrete or other approved compounds.
  2. All cavities filled in trees shall be traced out in an elliptical design and shall run parallel with the grain of the wood.
  3. When filling a tree cavity all decayed matter shall be removed and the cavity cleaned out up to and beyond the healthy wood. All cavities shall be disinfected with a standard wood disinfectant prior to installing filling. All large size cavities shall be lip bolted a maximum of 12 inches apart. All filling containing cement shall not contain more than three parts sand to one part cement. The concrete in all tree cavities when finished shall be in sections. All tree cavities shall first be reinforced with nails, wire, etc., as needed, to hold filling firm in the cavity. The filling in all tree cavities shall be installed with the outer edge of filling resting behind the cambium layer of the tree.
  4. All tree cavities shall have a drain tube located at the lower edge of the cavity.

Insect and disease control

  1. A person hired to spray trees shall use only chemicals approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation, for control of insects and diseases. A list of approved chemicals shall be on file in the office of the Director.
  2. Electronic devices and hypodermic injections as pest control measures and tree disease treatments shall be used only after approval by the Director.

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