What are the Regulations and Standards for Pruning Trees in Oklahoma City?

Pruning can be difficult and dangerous for both the tree service professional and the homeowner. The city of Oklahoma recognized this danger and came up with a set of standards that will significantly lessen the dangers involved.

Below you will find information on the Oklahoma City regulations and standards for pruning trees. Here at Premiere Tree Services of Oklahoma City, customer service and information are taken very seriously and are our #1 priority. We don’t just do tree removal, shrub removal, or stump grinding, we also do research and we share the knowledge with our customers. We think that’s what a good tree service company should be all about.

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Standards for pruning trees

  1. All final cuts made on trees shall be made flush with the remaining limb or trunk.
  2. All cuts shall be painted with a wound dressing if over the size of one inch in diameter and all cuts on the main limbs and trunks oftrees will be painted.
  3. Limbs which are too large to hold with the hand while sawing shall first be cut from one to two feet beyond the final cut. The cuts shall include an under cut to prevent stripping and tearing of the bark.
  4. There shall be no removal of more than 1/3 of the tree from the top downward without special permission of the Parks and Recreation Department for any trees located on the unpaved portion of a street easement. This type of tree branch removal is commonly referred to as “dehorning.”
  5. There shall be no complete thinning and removal of leaf branches from the center of the tree so as to keep leaf branches on the ends of the main branches only. This type of cutting is commonly referred to as “muletailing.”
  6. There shall be no removal of lower limbs that adjoin the trunk of the tree to more than 1/3 of the height of the tree.
  7. Proper precautions and safety measures to protect life and property must be taken at all times by any person engaged in treeservicing.

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