What are the Steps Required for Approval of a Landscape Plan in Oklahoma, City OK?

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STEP 1 Calculate Points. Determine the number of Site Points, Parking Lot Points, or frontage tree requirements that apply to the development based on its Use Unit Classification and Zoning District. (Reference§ 59-11250
STEP 2 Determine Plant Requirements. Determine the percentages and location of plantings, quantity, type, and size of plant materials needed to meet point requirements. (Reference § 59-11250
STEP 3 Determine Additional Requirements. Determine whether Residential, Subdivision or other buffers apply to the development. (Reference § 59-11250
STEP 4 Develop a Landscape Plan. Develop a landscape or planting plan with plantings that meet point requirements, including any applicable buffer(s). (Reference § 59-11300


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