What are the Regulations on Planting, Removing, and Trimming Trees on Public Property in Oklahoma City?

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The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

  1. Crew means one or more persons engaged in servicing trees at any one location, whether residence or business.
  2. Enforcement officer means the City official who is in charge of the City department which manages the property upon which the tree, plant or shrub in question is to be located, or the authorized representative of such official.
  3. Shrub means a woody plant with more than one stem or trunk at the ground level.
  4. Tree means a woody perennial plant that has a single trunk or stem.
  5. Tree service means work performed on shade or ornamental trees including tree removals, shade and ornamental tree trimming and cavity work, spraying for pest and disease control, and fertilizing of shade and ornamental trees. Work on shrubbery is not included.
  6. Tree serviceman means any person servicing trees other than one working on his own property.

Permit to plant on public property

No tree, plant, or shrub shall be planted on any public property by any person until the enforcement officer shall have first approved the kind and variety and designated the location and granted a permit for planting

State law reference— Authority of abutting property owners relative to trees on public property, 11 O.S. § 36-107.

Permit to remove or trim trees, plants, etc., on public property

No person shall remove, destroy, break, cut, deface, trim, or in any way injure or interfere with any tree, plant, or shrub located on public property without a permit issued by the enforcement officer. All such removal or trimming shall be done in a manner that will not deface or injure the trees and the same shall be done in accordance with the directions of the enforcement officer.

State law reference— Authority of abutting property owners relative to trees on public property, 11 O.S. § 36-107.

Permit to attach wires to trees on public property

No person shall attach any electric wire insulator or any other device for holding an electric wire to any tree located on public property without a valid permit issued by the enforcement officer.

Certain trees prohibited

No person shall plant or permit the planting of black locust, seed-bearing female cottonwood, or any other tree condemned by the Director of Parks and Recreation for the purpose of protecting the public health or to prevent destruction of other plants by spread of disease. The male non-seed-bearing cottonwood tree is specifically excepted from the provisions of this section. The Director shall prepare a list of condemned trees and file it with the City Clerk.

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