What are the Regulations on Tree Removal, Cabling, and Bracing in Oklahoma City?

Tree removal, cabling, and bracing are some of the steps taken to ensure safety on the streets. The processes though involves their own set of risks so guidelines are set in order to lessen, if not completely eliminate, those risks.

Below you will find information on Oklahoma City regulations for tree removal, cabling, and bracing. Here at Premiere Tree Services of Oklahoma City, customer service and information are taken very seriously. We don’t just do tree removal, shrub removal, or stump grinding. We also do research and we share the knowledge to our customers.

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Tree removals

  1. All large trees shall be topped before felling. When possible, tree stumps shall be pulled over away from the street.
  2. Large limbs shall be laid on the sidewalks and street to break the impact of the fall when pulling a tree on the parking over toward the street. All limbs, three or more inches in diameter, shall be lowered by ropes or by other approved methods.
  3. All stumps on the parking shall be removed or cut off a minimum of two inches below the ground level to permit grass coverage.

Cabling and bracing

  1. Cables shall be used only to meet definite needs indicated by the existing condition of the tree or by the nature of the environment.
  2. Each cable shall be located and attached so that it serves its purposes as nearly independent of other cables as is possible.
  3. As a general principle, cables shall be placed as high as approximately 2/3 of the distance between the crotch and branch ends.
  4. The ends of a cable shall be attached to hooks or eyes of lags or bolts securely set in the branches in the line of pull on the attachments.
  5. Rods to support a weak or split crotch shall be placed above the crotch and be supplemented by one or more cables above the midway point on the branches.
  6. Nuts and washers on the ends of a rod shall be sufficiently countersunk, and the exit holes of wood-screw rods and bolts shall be reamed and otherwise treated to permit rapid healing of the area. All exposed bracing rods and pipe shall be completely covered with rust-proofing material.
  7. All cables shall be of a galvanized material of sufficient tensile strength to support the limbs to which it is attached.

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