What are the Regulations on Tree Trimming and Treatment in Oklahoma City?

Tree trimming and treatment is being regulated in Oklahoma City in order to maintain cleanliness, neatness, and avoid accidents that could be brought about by overhanging branches or even leaning trees.

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Trimming or treatment required

  1. The owner of every lot or parcel of land upon which any trees, shrubs, or plants are growing adjacent to any street, sidewalk, parking area or parkway shall trim the same or cause the same to be trimmed, whenever it grows in any lot or parcel of land lying between his property line and the pavementor traveled roadway, so that the vegetation shall not obstruct the passage of light from any light located in any street, alley, or public highway, to the adjacent street and sidewalk, and so that the vegetation shall not obstruct the free and convenient travel over and along the sidewalk and streets, and the owner shall keep removed from the vegetation all dead, decayed or broken branches that overhang any street, sidewalk, parking area or parkway, and remove any dead trees.
  2. The owner shall treat or cause to be treated any vegetation mentioned in Subsection (a), or any similar vegetation growing on the owner’s lot or parcel of land, for any disease or insect pest affecting or infesting the vegetation in such a manner as to kill and control the disease or insect pest.
  3. No owner of any lot or parcel of land shall fail, refuse or neglect to care for any tree, plant, or shrub as provided in Subsections (a) and (b) after receiving notice from the appropriate City official to do so, within the time limit stated in the notice. Each day that the owner shall fail, refuse, or neglect to care for any vegetation after receiving the notice, within the time limit in the notice, shall be a separate and distinct offense.
  4. Any condition of any vegetation prohibited by this section is declared to constitute a nuisance and, in addition to any other penalties for violating this Code, the same shall be subject to abatement in the manner provided in Section 53-22. The remedy of abatement shall be cumulative and in addition to other penalties.
  5. Notice from the appropriate City official, as provided, shall be in writing and shall specify what condition is required to be cared for and is required to be done under this Code, and shall give to the owner from five to ten days to care for the condition.

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